Our Mission

With the highest regard to integrity and client anonymity, the mission at SoftStone is to create and improve structural and aesthetic property features, while implementing optimal budgeting throughout the process.

We value your every dollar.


Built with skill. Bound by trust. The Soft Stone advantage remains self evident.

A Word From Our CEO

“You possess assets. Along with the value comes a whole lot of deliberation, a litany of expenses and a burgeoning stress. I’ve been there, having walked through the very challenges you face daily. The corporate lingo, legal requirements and market fluctuations. The decisions varying on loans, bordering on zone allowances and calculated via risk. From my very first property management project in 2006, I set my mind with a vision of helping other investors plan wisely. Perhaps it was a young and idealistic vision, but I’m grateful to have stepped up to the challenge.

I’ve come a long way from the initial days in the real estate market, but today my expertise is imprinted as a foothold in an industry that demands integrity and commitment. My team has been established on the premise of skillful planning, leading connections and strategic goals that surpass every owner’s projection.

Soft Stone has, to date, been the advocate for multiple property owners; facilitating a wide range of projects in both development and management departments for over a decade. We analyze each location, brainstorming with the industry’s leading construction teams; the sought after design specialists; and the banking and law experts that shape the growing skylines spanning cities throughout the region.

I take great pride in Soft Stone’s team, an in-house collaboration of teamwork and attention to detail. We promise to guide you on your quest to maximize the value and improve the process from pre construction to tenant viewings and beyond. Your terms of representation are important to us and I will personally work along with you to customize your state of involvement with ongoing progress reports.

When choosing Soft Stone, you receive VIP service along with my word of confidentiality and trust. From rendering to ribbon cutting, my team is your team.”

-Nathan Weinberger